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Hey i recently found out about this site and figured i pass it along to anyone who doesnt know about these types of sites.

first, go to http://www.servicehonda.com/test/index.htm and follow the directions to remote desktop connection.

when the program is up, press the little aqua colored book in the upper left corner, and select Yamaha --> Moto4 --> YFZ45/YFZ450 at the bottom --> your model.

It gives you all of the white/black lines schematics like at the dealers and its really useful for looking for new OEM parts for cheap, and identifying missing parts.

EXAMPLE: i did the accelerator pump mod and when i got done, it spewed gas everywhere. i looked and it turned out that i had lost a gasket during disassembly. saved me a whole bunch of time.

have fun! :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:
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