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At first I thought this 250r was custom made. After the race I talked to the owner and he said it was the Service Honda 250r (really just the CR250 dirtbike stuck in a 400ex frame) anyways he said it was 76 lbs lighter then a 400ex and it rips! He is test riding it for service Honda. I guess he used to be a pro racer. Anyways it was pretty sweet and he was hauling. He got first in his class.


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Originally posted by edgerat@Aug 20 2003, 01:11 AM
it isnt a CR250 engine is a EX frame. It is a 250R crate motor in an EX frame.
yes its a cr250 motor not 250r crate motor.

2004 Service Honda TRX250R Exclusive Features
• Powerful and durable 250 cc 2-stroke engine is the most powerful engine fitted to any sport atv.
• Backwards kick starter for easy convenient starting.
• The ultra-lightweight TRX250R weighs only 310 pounds.
• Additional frame gusseting for durability in severe use.
• Fully customizable with a wide range of options, including swingarms, a-arms, and shocks tuned specifically for the Service Honda TRX250R prior to delivery.

• High performance liquid cooled two stroke single cylinder engine with 66.4 mm x 72.0 mm bore and stroke and 8.5:1 compression ratio.
• Six pedal reed valve improves throttle response and power delivery.
• CRV rotary/flap exhaust valve has longer extentions on the side of the flap to better follow the exhaust port shape for increased internal turbulence, improved exhaust scavenging, and responsive acceleration.
• Expansion chamber is nickel plated and tuned to meet atv requirements for torque and useable horsepower.
• 16-bit processor in the ignition CPU provides fast data calculation and accurate timing for the solid-state 3-D map style digital ignition.
• Lightweight 38 mm Flat slide Mikuni TMX carburetor adds both initial throttle crispness and excellent throttle response to compliment the engines abundant power.
• Custom aluminum radiator futures 35% more core area than the original TRX250R for significantly improved heat dispersion.
• New radiator directly interchanges with original TRX250R radiator allowing original TRX250R owner to upgrade and allowing easy field service-ability for the new TRX250R using existing spares.
• Steel water pump gear for excellent reliability in ATV service.
• Durable, smooth shifting close ratio five speed transmission.
• Primary kickstarting allows starting in any gear.
• Rugged steel frame with removable sub frame for easy maintenance.
• Independent double wishbone front suspension.
• Pro-link rear suspension with fully adjustable large diameter aluminum body Showa shock absorber is standard.
• Beautiful one-piece cast aluminum swingarm offers exceptional rigidity.
• Radial tires for exceptional handling.
• Triple disc brakes provide superb stopping power.
• Aggressive body style compliments the all sport appearance.
• Lightweight aluminum wheels reduce unspring weight for better handling.
• Durable heavy duty o ring sealed drive chain.

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You can also get it as a kit to put in your existing 400ex.

"Service Honda TRX250R Kit
The kit consists of a new Honda frame gusseted and powder coated black. A new, complete 2001 Honda CR250 engine with a Built forward kick starter, a new high performance nickel plated exhaust, complete intake including carb and airbox, and complete cooling system including radiator.

All the kit components are installed and ready to run. You need to send us your swingarm and subframe or you can order these parts from us. Any parts ordered from us will be installed when possible.

We will need the VIN from your existing TRX400EX and a copy of your drivers license. You can fax these in to us when you order at 219.931.5557
The kit is only $4999 plus shipping."
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