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Running Without Lights

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Hey I have an 08 and left my lights off after I checked my valves the other day and was wondering if it will run fine. I know the 04's had to have the lights on for the battery to charge but didnt they fix this.
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You'll be fine, Yamaha added a resistor to fix this problem in 2006.
thanks, thats what I thought but just making sure :icon_biggrin:
Is that the same for a new R? With the resistor built in already?
Yeah it will be fine... Unless you decide to do any night time riding
Do you need the resistor on the 05 model. If so what is the part number?
I think it was fixed in 05? I have an 04 with no resistor, and i have NEVER had one problem with the electical besides a dead battery. Dont even have lights on it.
Same here, I run no lights on my 04 and im still on my original battery from 03 she finally gave up after sitting through the -20* weather this winter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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