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Roll Call

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So who all is going to Pell city this weekend for the national?
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I guess I am. I'll just be playing crew cheif for my friends, or "pit b!tch" as they put it. :mhihi:

I'll be around the Quinn Motorsports trailer all weekend, come by and say hi if you're there. As far as I know, we'll be in the same spot we've been the last few years at the Mill Creek national. Down by the staging/bike wash area in the trailer with the "Quinn Motorsport" sign and I think he's got a "shock service and valving" sign too. There will be a bunch of Honda TRX450R's with Fox shocks around, and my quad will probably be somewhere around too.

When are you getting there? I think most of our local crew is planning on getting there thursday evening/night sometime.
ya thats when i think we will be there too. There will be my 07 yam, and 09R, and 2 zuks... Green Powerstroke with a enclosed that says kempf racing..... But ya i will def try too look u up while im there...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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