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alright, well 1st off i just wanna thank EVERY one for responding to all my questions over the past.. 2 weeks. i think i have asked a new question about every other day on this forum and had many responses. thank you!!( sorry if its getting annoyin)

but, lets talk rims/tires.

see, im gonna start riding motocross alot more, so i was looking for some good, CHEAP rims and tires. i came upon the combo of douglas .190's mounted with Razr MX's. i was wondering if these are good rims? bead locks are WAY to expensive. and i just need something cheap, looks badass, and gives me a little extra width( stock a-arms for now.)

thanks for the millionth time!

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what every rim you go with make sure its a rolled lip style and you should be good (excluding beadlocks)

on tires its a preference thing id say holeshots mxr6 are the best but thats MY OPINION based on the conditions and dirt i mostly ride in
I would agree with zum.

Since you're on a tight budget, why not just put some MX tires on the stock wheels? You won't find many non beadlock wheels that are stronger than stockers. You also don't want to get some funky offset wheels just to add width, it will make your quad handle like crap.
well, right now i have 21 front, 20 rear, so i was just gonna have a set of rims and tires for the track to make me a little more MX ready, than running my bulky 20's.
I was just saying if you're on a tight budget, putting some MX tires on the stock wheels would be the cheapest way.
+1 but you could get some wheels if you want too?
Hey nathan..

I love the way my razrMXs ride on the track... but i got douglas .190's like you want.

After hitting some of the bigger jumps at the track, i had a few flat spots on the inner side of the rims..

If your not getting beadlocks, i would honestly suggest ITP Baja's in the back at least.. and ITP rolled lip fronts.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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