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Riding Gear

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Just checking interest on some riding gear i have. I have red thor phase gear, i am not sure what year it is. The jersey does have a few small holes in the arm and some of the white areas on the jersey are a lil stained from a few muddy races. The jersey is a size MEDIUM. I have the phase pants to go along with it. A few stains from mud on them as well, and a small burn spot on the inside of the right leg from the exhaust. They are a size 30. I do have red thor gloves to go with it but i believe the right glove has a hole in it on the palm area. Lastly i have thor quadrant boots. They are gray and are a size 12. They are in pretty good condition. If you buy the jersey, pants, and boots i'll just throw in the gloves with it, i have no use for them. I dont even know what to ask for this stuff so just make me an offer. I will sell things separately so if you dont wanna buy everything thats fine. I'll be posting pics later after i upload them on my computer. You can either pm me or reply on here if interested. Thanks
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