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Ricks "red" Cdi Anyone Know Of Them?

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Okay I have a 04 with a 06 motor and 04 harness just bought it used, it had a terrible hacked up harness, it was a half-baked e-start when I got it, and sometimes would have spark sometimes not. Im doing a kick-start on it now, so I after studying alot of schematics have started from scratch on the harness and now have it for kick-start with key and nothing else. I have everything wired correctly as per the diagrams I got, and can get juice out of the mag to the harness, thru the rectifier and key switch and into the CDI unit via the RED/BLACK wire, have the TORS bypassed via YELLOW/BLACK and BLACK/BLUE, I get no power out of the cdi box to the coil testing the ORANGE lead to it, I have a solid ground to the chassis. I think my CDI is junk its a red colored aftermarket I found labaled as a RICKS 13000 RPM Module is that my issue? I currently dont have a stock to try in it. I did check the pick-up via ohm meter aswell as the Coil and Rectifier they all test good. I also dont have my kicker yet but am using the e-start via a direct lead (not it the harness equation) to a 12v lawn mower battery and get a fast revolution to the motor. As for my Nuetral leads of SKYBLUE out of the CDI nothing is tied to it, also nothing is tied to the BLUE or YELLOW leads either. The YELLOW/RED only goes from the mag to the Rectifier and thats it no take-offs, My RED goes from the mag to the cdi to the key switch which I still used both reds on the key connecter joined to make one at the splice into the mag/cdi connection lead. Coming out of the key is the BROWN only which is tied direclty to the RED/BLACK that goes into the cdi, the BROWN/BLUE is left open. WHITE is going from mag to cdi only and WHITE/BLACK is only going to the mag then rectifier the the cdi via a splice between it at the mag/rectifier lead. Confused yet :shocker:
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Have you messed with the carb lately or throttle cable? If the slide is not seating all the way in the carb it will trip the TPS and cut off spark. I took my TPS off not knowing that I shouldnt when I cleaned my carb and let me tell you, I sure wish I didnt. My bike is all screwed up now. But anyways dont know if this will help you but just thought I would throw it out there.
Thanks but I have the TORS bypassed at the CDI which takes the TORS and TPS out of the loop as Im told.
Yep that CDI was the trouble maker, got a stock 07 unit in the mail plugged it in and back to business. :icon_biggrin:
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