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OMF Scallop Bead locks

About OMF

Located in sunny Riverside California, OMF has been making quality aluminum products for over 20 years. OMF is mostly famous for their bead lock wheels which simply put, are one of the nicest designs out there! OMF also offers other aluminum products such as re-enforcement rings, as well as scoop and louver kits.

About the Product

The time had come to find a new set of rims for the YFZ450. While looking at other companies that offered bead locks, we came across a picture of a bike with the OMF Scalloped wheels on it. After seeing that picture, we were sold! When contacting OMF, we had a lot of options to choose from which took us by surprise. You have a choice colors to pick from which include: polished, red, black, and blue anodizing. You can also have the whole wheel anodized if you choose. This option however costs $44.95 a wheel where the anodizing of the rings only cost $4.95. You also have the choice of a scallop or conventional style bead lock ring. We picked the scalloped.


Once we placed the order for red scalloped rings, our wheels arrived shortly after. When the package was delivered, the box was quickly taken to the garage to be opened and had a set of Kenda Klaw's mounted on them. When we opened the box, we were rather very surprised at how well they shipped them. Each wheel was wrapped in its only sock like material. Strange but it keeps them from getting scratched.

We took each wheel out and inspected them very closely. A Douglas rim is used which OMF later modifies with the bead lock and reinforcement ring. Looking at the welds from OMF was a thing of beauty. A perfect weld which looked like a stack of dimes. Perfection! The bead lock ring is also beautifully machined and anodized.


If you've ever tried to install a tire on a traditional rim, you'll find it's darn near impossible. However, with a bead lock wheel, things couldn't be easier! To install the tire, simply take the bead lock ring off, slide the wheel over, put the ring back on, and inflate the tire to set the bead. That's it! Takes no longer than 5 minutes to change a tire with bead lock wheels.


After a few rides on our OMF wheels, we've come to the conclusion that these things are awesome! When we first installed them, we figured we would lose some air in them. To our surprise, they've held air in them perfectly! Aside from all the comments on the wheels and how nice they look, we couldn't be happier with them. If you're looking for wheels with unsurpassed strength, great looks, and the ease of a bead lock, then OMF is the one!

OMF Performance Products | Skid Plates, Beadlocks, Brackets, & Rims

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