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About Laker Custom

With each and every ride on your ATV, the factory shine on the stock plastics slowly fades away making your bike look, well, rather dull and boring. Many people have tried to revive their stock plastics with various products, but lets face it, once you start beating the tar out of your bike, nothing is going to make it look like it used to. One solution however is to go out and buy a brand new set of plastics. You have several options from other companies as well as OEM, but one company that many may not know about is Laker Custom.

Located in Gilbert Arizona, Laker Custom has over 50 years of combined experience in the plastic industry. They've done work for the US Military as well as the Aerospace Industry. Simply put, Laker Custom's knows what they're doing! Just recently, Laker Custom's decided to venture into the off-road industry by producing high quality plastics for ATVs. So did Laker Custom have success with the final product? Keep reading to find out just how amazing these plastics really are.

About the Product

After finding ways to enhance the appearance of the stock YFZ450 plastics with stickers, and a graphics kit, something seemed to be missing. Then it hit us! What better way to really set of the bike than with a nice set of new plastics. With new plastics, you can pick different colors instead of going with OEM colors. We looked around and stumbled upon a company called Laker Custom. At that time, we nor had anyone else really had heard or had experience with their products. After looking at their prices and giving Laker Custom's a call (Speak to Kalani, he's a very good guy!), we decided to give them a chance. While talking to Kalani, they asked us a question that we never thought we'd get asked, "How do you want the rear fenders to be cut?" This was a very strange question to us, but Kalani cleared it up saying that there are several options when buying plastics from him directly. For starters, you can have the locater light holes filled, key re-located to any location, and the rear fenders shaved or not. Having them shaved (What we opted to get) basically means not having the fender supports. We felt this would be a good idea since the stock heel guards would be going in the trash, plus it would give the bike a cleaner look. For the front fenders, they only come in what you see pictured below. If you're into GNCC, these plastics may not be a good idea since they don't offer the same protection as the OEM plastics do. Many colors are also available from Laker Custom; we decided to get silver since Kalani said it was a great color against the red frame as well as a color that doesn't show wear and tear very much.


After we put in the order, we waited for the UPS truck to show up to our doorstep. Once the box arrived, (A HUGE box!) it was quickly ripped open to see the contents inside. Each piece was individually wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap to keep everything protected. After un-wrapping the pieces, everything was given a look over. The very first thing that was noticed is how thick the plastics are! We're talking at least twice as thick as OEM plastics. Can you say no more fender wobble?

In the box, you will find 4 pieces total - 2 shrouds, and 2 fenders (front and rear).


Taking off the stock plastics is a pain in the you know what! If you've ever had to get the front fender off in a hurry, well, you know just what I'm talking about. However, with Laker Custom plastics, they make life so much easier! The front is held on by 4 bolts total. Yes, 4 bolts! The rear is held on by 6 bolts (2 are shared with the front fender) and the shrouds are held on by 2 bolts. You can take the front plastics off in about 60 seconds! Installation is a breeze though. Simply position the new plastics, use the old bolts, and mount!


Laker Custom's has really taken off in the past few months. A lot of members here on YFZCentral.Com as well as Z400Central.Com are purchasing their products and have been extremely happy with them! In fact, I don't believe I've every seen one negative thing about them. If you want aftermarket plastics, Laker Custom is the only way to go! There prices are very reasonable, and the quality is simply amazing! The color silver has a very nice depth to it and still remains shiny to this day after being ridden constantly in the sand. So what are you waiting for? Trash those OEM plastics for a set of Laker Custom plastics!

Here's What Some of Our Members Have To Say:

Website: Laker Custom

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