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Does anyone know how the resistor can be tested? The resistor you buy when removing the headlights. I think mine has gone bad because my battery has gone dead, and my bike started to run poorly when the fan came on. Pretty sure the resistor crapped I just wanted to test it, to make sure..

I used a multimeter and tested the ohms and was only getting a reading of 3 ohms.. good or bad?
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I believe the resistance should be somewhere between 2.755 and 3.045 Ω. Use an ohmmeter to test it.
Ok.. so what if my resistor isn't bad? What causes my battery to drain and the bike to lose power when the fan comes on?

This happened during an XC race on the second lap.. I got back to the pits and couldnt get it to duplicate the problem. My battery was still dead but I could kick start it every time and I let the fan come on and it was all fine.. Could the resistor be getting weak when it gets hot?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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