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Relisting 04 Head, Jug, Nerfs,grab Bar

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Relisting these items. Last time I got real busy with work and ended up not responding. SORRY, heres the parts

1. 04 head w/valves and springs-they look ok( has some markings in cam journals) Jsr said they could fix but i really dont know.=obo
2. 04 jug (stock bore) i was told needs rehone= obo
3. Ac pro peg nerfs( no heel guards) silver= 50
4. 04 stock white plastics (fair condition, a little elbow grease and they will look good) not cut=50
5. xfr offroad wide grab bar= 30
6. standard xfr nerfs= 50
7. gytr heel guards (has a cut on break side) can be easly fixed=50

You can pm me and i will send pics. i just want this stuff out of my garage.

Other things for sale=
24" oasis rims/tires(needs new tires)=1500 obo
06 dodge 4x4 diesel trans and trq con(45k miles works great)=900 obo
tst pwr mx cr39 programmer=400 obo
06 dodge sport completely black bumper=200 obo

CAN BE SEEN ON CRAIGSLIST= [email protected]
screens, 06 oem wheels/tires, 06 oem turbo=sold

Pm me for pics. I want these stuff out of my garage. It can all be seen in Amarillo Tx. Thanks
Everything is plus shipping.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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