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Razr Mx Vs. Kenda Klaw

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Im on a tight budget and need a new set of mx tires, im thinking either razr mx or kenda klaws, i dont want to spend too much over 200 for all 4, my main concern is which tire will last the longest, the quad will be used for 40% track and the rest rocky trails which tire would you recommend, or is there something else i should consider?
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I like the razr rears and kenda fronts...i don't like the razr fronts and i've never tried the kenda rears. The kenda rears look like they would be good for sand if you do any dune riding other wise i'd get the razr rears.
does anyone know which will last longer?
Hey i have both the front and rear kenda's they are great i really like the front tire, and the back is great to you can turn them either way for either hard packed or muddy conditions! i've had my klaws since august of last year and you cant even tell they've been ridin on hardly, great tires and great hook up!
ok thanks I think i'll be going with the klaws
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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