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2012 YFZ450
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Do Raptor 700 A-arms fit on 2012 YFZ 450? I want extended A-arms for my yfz 450, but i'm not in USA, so i have less options for aftermarket parts, my main source for parts is ebay. Cheapest set of YFZ a-arms i could find would cost me more than 500 euro, and it's shipped from USA, but i found a set of Raptor 700 A-arms which costs less than 300 euro - this one.
I found some posts from people who said that YFZ450 a-arms fit Raptor, but i haven't found anyone who tried to fit Raptor a-arms on YFZ450.
So, would it work? Alternatively, if someone can share a link to a good European store with cheap parts for YFZ450 that would be nice too.
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