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Quieter Exhausts

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Hey, I've currently got a sparks big core and when I go riding at the oregon dunes it will not pass the db test of 93db. Just wondering which setup will get me the most HP with a db limit around there. I see the dyno test pages and the rt5 and venom are at the top, I see the venom has a db of 96 anybody know about the rt5?
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not sure about the pipes you asked about, but i ran the old style gytr pipe, it ran around 96 db, and i recently picked up the new style gytr with the quiet tip, and its a good bit quieter, if you can find anything else to meet your requirements, im sure this pipe would, it also has good power gains all across the board, nothing outrageous, just a good solid pipe.
i am running a new style big gun pipe with a vortex insert, its 94db, it has more power over stock but the insert does kill power down, with it out its about 99db and really rips. i know venom has a quite pipe and a few other companys, i think the only pipe you will find that its under 93db is a stock one!
i know a white bros e2 is quiete, but its not the best for performance!
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i know a white bros e2 is quiete, but its not the best for performance![/b]
no phil lol all the ones ive heard are just as loud, if not louder then my beast and shes at 105DB :mhihi: (right ear is loosing its use)

I would go with Venom, mixxer (his username) will help ya out with that.
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