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Quick Jetting Question

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ok so i just installed an hmf slip on, k&n air filter and i jetted the bike to 48 pilot, 170 main and the a/f screw is set at 2.5 turns. the needle i did not touch, so it is whatever it came with stock. the bike pulls strong through out all the gears and it even starts when cold with out a choke with out any problem. but anyways the questions is. the idle seems like its a little to high. what should a change? also sometimes when i pull the clutch in and let the gas out the bike will take a few seconds to fully return to idle. almost as if i were slightly giving it gas and then let off the throttle. also it is still back firing a little on deceleration, not as much as before though. my previous stock jetting was 43 pilot, 158 main and the a/f 2 turns. thanks
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Try turning your idle down a little. Black plastic circle screw on carb close to size of a nickel I think. I don't have a pic of it otherwise I'd show you.
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