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Quick Clutch Question

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Do I have to drain the oil to open up the clutch to inspect it?

I think the clutch is shot, you can pretty much shift without pulling the clutch and there's no resistance
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Fun part is going to be holding it on its side..
Obviously you'll need something to support it. :mhihi: Nevertheless it would be pretty funny to see someone trying to change the clutch while at the same time holding their quad on its side.
Bucket didn't work...

Any ideas?
I put 9" wide rear rims on the tires but I don't think it's tilted enough...
You'll probably need something a little taller. Try putting boards or something underneath the bucket.
Well, I think I'm good to go now

Do I replace the fibers and steel plates together, or just the fibers?
You should only need to replace the fibers. If your plates are warped in any way you'll need to replace those too. Also, if you do, in fact, need to replace your fibers, I'd suggest getting some fresh oil in there once you're done.
Affirmative, thanks
I didnt have to tilt mine at all? No oil ran out when I opened the case.
Same here actually, but I didn't wanna risk making a mess
Think I'm going to have to replace both steel and fiber plates, on of the steel plates is black and not completely round, has like a small notch, fibers are completely black and pretty dead
This is what they look like...

One of them I'm sure is burnt, and the other has thins ring around it

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This would work as the YZ clutch mod, right?

Decided to just keep it stock after paying more attention to what I was read in the clutch mod topic, I found this not to be a good thing for me...

your clutch will be a bit more bitier, but not as much as a YZ setup. if you do some low speed trail stuff the YZ setup is a PITA, you wil stall alot, this mod is a good combo of the YFZ and the YZ

I do a lot of low speed trail riding, so I don't think it will be a fun thing to keep stalling
that link on fleabay would be the YZ setup...its a step above the YZ mod. the mod is only removing the judder spring setup.
Would it still stall a lot in trail riding as you stated in the topic?
an experienced rider will be able to adjust their riding style to compensate for the extra bite from clutch. the good thing about this mod is that the clutch pull is no heavier than stock. if you use the clutch alot in low speed situations, a heavier pull isnt exactly what you want.

when i described it as a PITA, i forgot to say that it would be for inexperienced riders. my GF couldn't it out for a long time...then again, its not the only thing she cant figure out :mhihi:
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