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Pro Taper Pillow Tops

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if you are in the market for new grips, pro taper pillow tops are the absolute most comfortable grip that man has invented IMO. they are just as expensive as any other grip too!
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i didnt like my pillow tops, they gave sore hands on long rides. I'm told that Oury's are pretty good, thats what im ordering this spring.
i know i like 'em! enough to make this topic!
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i know i like 'em! enough to make this topic![/b]
which? Oury's or Pillow Tops? Im confused lol
comfy pillows i love em tacky too
my dad has ourys on his utes and he like them. i didnt really care for pillow tops. i wouldnt mind trying some of the new pillow top lites though
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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