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Pro Design Nerf Bars, Blingstar Bumper/Grab Bar, Seat

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Pro Design Nerf Bars...good conditions, light scratches, have some dirt/light rust on the mounting tubes for the pegs which gets covered up once mounted... they have blue nets with no rips and have a wide peg design....


Blingstar Iron Cross bumper good conditions, straight not bent...some paint has rubbed off from loading up on the trailer and rubbing on side rail a little....


Blingstar rear grab bar, has mounts for a number plate and flag holder (flag holder not included)...comes with mounts for rear fenders and tail light for 04/05 YFZ...has slight rub marks as well from rubbing on side rail of trailer


Seat with YAMAHA seat cover, and softer foam...decent conditions, the seat cover has some tears under the seat and slight ones on the top/sides...those marks on top of the seat cover ARE NOT tears, i had some boxes laying on top of the seat and they left a mark


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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