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Powermadd Handguards And Gibson Stabilizer

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I have a set of powemadd handguards, and a gibson stabalizer that i would like to get rid of..
I would like to get 55 shipped OBO for the handguards, and 75 shipped OBO for the Stabilizer.
Here are pics....

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What size are the mounts for the guards and what size mount is the stabalizer i have a 2008 yfz.
I'm not really sure on the sizes man I bought them new and didnt have a choice to pick from. The Stabilizer was on my roll design stem, and the guards were on my flex bars. But as far as I know they are pretty much universal to my knowledge...
if they are the PowerMadd mounting they will adjust to fit any size bar...... Hope this helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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