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I have a stock 2007 yfz450 bill balance edition, when the bike is at idle and you gas it full throttle it will bogg down for a quick second then revs up regularly, could this be due to valves needing adjusted or does my bike need to be rejetted? Also I have been told the doing a cam mod doesn't really add that much more power? What is your opinion on the cam mod? Please help
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Cam mod is free horsepower pretty much, it's a must for all YFZs

As for the bog, try reading this...


There's lots of stuff regarding the bog
you said my mind syko.

cam mod is free HP and actually does give a decent amount of hp. if you do the cam mod, uncork the stock exhaust, remove the airbok lid, and rejet, you get 7hp... for free...

there is the mod for the bog also, pretty much all YFZs have this problem from the factory and there are many fixes.
-safety wire
-o ring
-zip tie mod (most common fix)
-bend the AC pump spring
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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