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Pitbike Forsale

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I am selling or trading my pitbike for yfz parts or For 900. It has some mods it has fmf pipe and silencer kndN filter back black rim w brand new tire Has a motard front tire w stock rim has 88cc bb kit also has bbr big kit with bars clamp and forks for bigger rider has white plastics with graghics kit comes with title i dont have any pics but i can email them upon request. This is a real honda it isnt a fake knock off it runs strong very reliable Im located in nj willing to drive a little IM sure im missing some little mods but like i said pm or reply if your interested. Im looking into building a yfz from ground up so as of now i need all parts please aftermarket stuff only unless its like a frame or motor
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send pics to [email protected]
pic sent it was from my w00terty camera phone
yes i will ship it and pics sent
ullpay for shipping????????????/

or whats the deal on that ill send pm
no its to soon to say ill pay for shipping ive been getting to many pms as of now for me to take i loss i want 900 plus shipping
ttt someone has to have some spare aftermarket parts or at least an extra 900 that they want to invest in a toy with loads of funnnn
pics to [email protected] ,i got some aftermarket parts i would trade pm me and we can talk thanks
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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