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Piston Clip Install

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anyone got any tips for fitting these clips, im having trouble with them at the moment, i dont want to use a screw driver as i do not want to damage the piston
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use a good quality and sharp pointed o ring pick, stuff a rag under the piston in the base so that if a circlip goes flying it wont go down in the base, then after you insert it ensure the openings of the clips have the openings are at the 5 oclock position and at 7 o clock, i always install the base gasket after installing the rings and circlips also its alot eaiser if you install one circlip before you try and do it on the motor
I always use a SMALL pair of needlenose. Just take your time and don't get frustrated. Listen to what the Guru said too. It is a very good idea to do one side before you put the piston on the rod and covering the bottom end with a CLEAN towel or shop rag will definitely help to prevent the other clip from giving you a major headache should it happen fall out while installing it. You don't want that in the bottom end and the towell will prevent that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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