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Oil Mystery

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So I have my '08 450 for a few months now and no issues. Did the cam mod, K & N filter, rejet, changed oil a couple of times and so on. A couple of weeks ago we are riding and I noticed a bunch of oil on the left handside near the front sprocket area but couldn't really tell where it was coming from because by that point the bike was dusty and dirty and oil was everywhere. I checked oil level and it was low so I decided to add more and keep riding until I get back home to check on it after I have it all cleaned up. I had to add oil a couple of times while still riding. So I get home clean it up really good, add oil again and put it on a stand and let it run for at least 10 minutes shifting up and down. Not a single drop of oil anywhere came out of it. So I checked oil level again and when I unscrewed the dipstick, oil was all the way to the top of the reservor and some even came out once I removed the dipstick. At that point I drained all the oil from reservor, crank, and removed oil filter but have not gone back to try again. I need to buy an oil filter and replace but wonder what could have caused this problem. Anyone have any ideas. I have never seen this before.
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i had the same problem. leaking gasket was the culprit. it was really hard to see where it was leaking from and didnt hardly leak while just riding it around or revving it up.

Mine is an 08 aswell, we decided that maybe something wasnt machined just right and caused the gasket to blow. because that area of the motor had never even been opened.

But anyways i replaced the gasket and so far no problems.

By the way the base gasket was what was leaking on mine. it would leak all over the back of the motor around the front sprocket, carb, starter motor ect.
I also have a 08 and i also had some problems it did not blow oil out but my tank was full when i checked it. I changed the filter and oil and all has been well for two weeks now. I had the dealer change the oil last time and i think they over filled it.
I have no answer to this but i know what you are saying,I think its the filter but i am not at all sure.
how do you check and change your oil? on a cold engine, hot engine?
I know this is not my post but i change the oil when its hot and check it cold. Let me know if this is wrong. Thanks
doesnt matter what the temp is when you change it, but you shouldnt check it one a cold motor. start the motor and let it idle for like 10 seconds. Then kill it and check the oil
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