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Oil Drain Bolt

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question for A FRIEND he was riding his bike yesterday and has he came to a stop he noticed oil spitting out of the bottem end of the motor where the drain bolt goes, he turned it off right away and ALL the oil leaked out there was alot so the motor wasnt starving for oil at any point, but the question is how did that bolt pop off there is no striped thereds and he cant find the bolt so can this be just bc he didnt tighten the bolt down and he vibrated off.. there was fresh clean oil in there abc he just did the oil changed... so really the question he has can that botl just virate off since he dosent think he remembed to tighten it all the way down....
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yes, if he didnt tighten it down, it can easily work its way out from vibration. if he saw oil pooring out, its a good chance it happened shortly before he noticed it. which is good.

get a new bolt, and make sure you tighten it too spec. some people have even rigged up ways to lock it with safety wire or other methods...
definitely. tighten it to spec, not too tight and not too loose. both could end badly. if you dont have a torque wrench go get one now.
thanks man i do have a torque wrench witch i will use, i wont let his dumb a$$ try sice he almost blown his motor yesterday lol... , but i cant seen to find the part number for that bolt dose any1 know what is so i can order it for him... thanks
i believe its 95024-10016-00 from a parts fiche online, but i could be wrong...
yea that was right thanks ANDY.. owe u one...
Jumped and bottomed it out and hit a rock?

That's what happened to me :(
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