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Ohlin Shocks

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if ohlin shocks have only one spring and there 16" are they good shocks???
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It means, be more specific. Your question is super broad. If you said are ohlins _________ ( <- model number here ) shocks good for _______________ (<- Insert purpose here) you'd get more results because no one knows exactly what your asking.

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ok is this easer if u just go to the web site...
QUOTE (fohawk450 @ Mar 20 2009, 07:32 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=760171
ok is this easer if u just go to the web site...[/b]
Yea It's not real clear what they are selling but it seems that it's just the stock shock for that application. You might want to call Houser-racing I believe they were running that setup, but at the length for their a-arms. But i'd put my faith in ohlins anyday.
Check out this link. It's a little info about their springs.


From what I read Ohlins shocks are not sold with a standard spring. They have multiple springs and mount the one that is made specifically for your weight.

I have Ohlins front and rear. My fronts are dual rate though so I can't comment on this shock specifically.

Based on the item description from the link you provided. Seems like they match a spring for the winning bidder.
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