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Oem Black Se Wheels And A-arms

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Wheels came off of a 2007 YFZ450SE - SOLD!

Also have a full set of black a-arms that came off from the same YFZ. Will include the brake lines and all the ball joints which are in good condition. $210 shipped OBO.

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how much do u want for just the stock rear shipped
Wheels are sold!

Still got the a-arms. Will take pics soon.
What year are the a arms off of? Will they fit an 04?
They came off of my 07 SE, and yes they should fit all years 04-08.
They are black from the factory, not as good as powdercoated but definitely not as "weak" as regular paint.
would you sell just the dust caps off the a-arms? If so PM me, i tend to forget what posts i write in...lol
arms are SOLD to me pending a picture tomorrow.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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