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Odyssey Battery

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im looking to get an odyssey battery for my yfz450. Has anyone ran one of these? if so.. what is the part number? i cant find a list to show what odyssey battery will work for the yfz450..
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Why would you want one? :S
I think the 1985 is the only odyssey that had electric start, but I don't know the part number. I would get a ytz-10s if I were you. That's a CBR600/R1/Raptor 350 battery. Parts Unlimited has fully sealed ones for $65, but Yusa will cost you about $130 for that battery. Just put one in mine and it works amazing.
ya i kinda thought that you would think i was talkin about the odyssey pilot. but theres a co. called odyssey that sells batteries. my neighbor picked one up for his raptor and he also uses them in his supercharged ski-doos. they have a 5 year warranty and a 12 year shelf life warranty. i was just wondering if anyone has used one because i was going to get one. but i found out my battery wasnt the problem. i think i shorted out the starter relay.
Oh, that makes a little more sense lol .
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