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Not Getting Any Spark

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I left the fuel turned on over winter. I tried to start the quad mid november and it would not start. I figured my carb was all pluged up from gas sitting in it.

Today I decided to take the carb completly off the bike and give it nice cleaning. I cleaned everything in the carb all jets, everything. Put the carb back on tried to start it and nothing happened, it just kept turning over.

I then checked for spark and nothing.Im not getting any spark.

Things I did do today was un hook the carb and gave it a good cleaning. I also powerwashed the quad but I dont think that caused it not to spark.

I believe it wasnt starting in november because the bike wasnt getting spark not because the carb was dirty.The carb was clean but I still did a thoural job cleaning it today.

So my question is how come im not getting spark? What do I check? How do I go about fixing it? The quad was running before I put it up for winter. If you need to know anything else just ask.
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TTT... Anybody? I need some help here.
Only thing you can do is check all the connections in your wiring harness between the stator and spark plug. Better find yourself an ammeter if you're still having trouble to test the current at various points in the wiring.
Would disconnecting anything from the carb cause it not to spark?
Yes, those have to be plugged in for the engine to run.
Ok, I pluged those in when I hooked the carb back up. I took the black thing off that mounts on the shift lever side of the carb at the top. Its a black piece that mounts with one star screw to the top of the carb. I dont know if something got screwed up when I took that off. what does that black piece do? I wanna say that it was spring loaded or something and maybe I didnt mount it back right, I dunno. I left my bike at work and I plan on screwing around with it some more tomorrow morn, I just wanted some info on where I should start trouble shooting.

So far I found using the search that there are three green wires I should check between the airbox and sub frame to make sure they are connected. Also found using the search that there is a single wire ground connection back by the battery with a barrel plug, see if it's still plugged in.
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That black thing is your throttle position sensor. Odds are you didn't put it back the exact way it was on before. It probably needs to be adjusted a bit. You'll need a voltmeter to test the voltage across it. It should be between .58 and .78 volts.
Damn I dont have access to one of those. Is there anyway to delete it? I knew something was sketchy when I hooked that sensor back up. Would this cause the bike not to spark? Also how do I check the voltage on it? I might be able to ask one of the shop guys if they have one
Positive lead goes to the yellow wire, negative goes to black. I'm not sure about a simple work around but there is a way to eliminate it but it requires some modification of the wires coming out of the the CDI. I'd think you'd be better off just getting that sensor adjusted right.
Ok, I will try this tomorrow morn. When I test the volts, do I meter it while cranking the bike over? Also what plug do I check the one coming off the carb or the one coming off the wire harness?

Thanks for the help
The wires I'm referring to come out of the carb. Test it with just the key switch on, no need to crank it over.
I got it to spark. It doesnt want to idle or run at all. It will only start if I hold the throttle just enough to lift the slide a little. When it does start while holding the throttle in, it spits and sputters, backfires and shoots out flames. Once I let go of the throttle it will die. It puffs out black smoke when I blip the throttle to keep it running. I pulled the plug to see if it was wet and its dry.

Any ideas on this problem now?
check your jets, make sure they didn't come loose and you put them back right.
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check your jets, make sure they didn't come loose and you put them back right.[/b]
Im pretty sure they are in correct. They wouldnt have had time to come loose. i started it for a total of 3 mins if that after putting the carb back on
it sounds rich. was it jetted for winter? If its jetted for 20 degrees and you tested it at 80 degrees, then it will be really rich.
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