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I have seen people running nos. How is it working on your quad's, What type of system's are you running, And what motor mod's are you doing to prepair for it. I am just wondering on this subject. Thanks
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you can run nitrous any any motor with or without mods. go to ebay and search motorcycle nitrous kits and thats what you gonna want.
I believe my friend runs Boss nos or somethin like that. He gained 13HP on the dyno from it and possibly even more once he gets is map set correctly. Its an LTR, 13.5:1 compression, ported, bored throttle body, web cams, +1 valves. He's pulling around 74 Hp, even with his fuel map not dialed in. :bowdown:
13.5 is a little high for spray though if im not mistaken
Is it safe. I know you have to set it up right, Or you are asking for trouble. How long bettween rebuilds, Anyone know? Thanks
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13.5 is a little high for spray though if im not mistaken[/b]
It depends on how much fuel you have to compensate, not CR ratio. Personally I think its a cheap cop out, make as many ponies as you can with motor mods then spray it, this is when your gonna see the most benefit anyways. Plus its hard on internals, JMO.
I agree with you. I was just curious,Thanks for the input.
yeah it also washes oil off the cylinder walls.......from what i have heard.......and we all know that can't be good
Yea no oil is bad very bad.
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