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Hello all,
So I’m a Toolmaker by trade, off road enthusiast by choice. I’ve owned everything from high end SportBikes, Dirtbikes, SxS’s, Quad’s, 3 wheeler’s, and even a Chopper. I wrote down a list of what I could remember and it was around 30 units in about 35 years.
So I’m currently building a Crosskart from scratch and need some YFZ450 information, So here I am 😁

Not sure if I should ask here or a different post? I need some dimensions off a YFZ frame from 04-13, specifically the front A-arm and Shock mounting points.
Seems the top A-arms are mounted wider horizontally than the bottom.
I need the distance vertically between the top and bottom A-arms.
The offset distance horizontally from the top to bottom A-arms.
Length to the frame front shock mount to either the top or bottom A-arm mount, whichever is easier to measure.
Centerline to centerline (bolt hole to bolt hole) is the easiest to measure.

So can someone do some measuring for me? I’d greatly appreciate it!
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