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Need Walk Threw On Clutch Change Anyone Changed There Clutch?

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so i got a clutch kit.. and was pretty confident about changin the clutch.. take the cover off... see how it sets in... take out... put new w00ter in... end of story... but now im hearin stuff like.. has to be torqued down to 8lbs.. and all kind of crazzzy stuff.. can anyone help???
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what is it exactly you need help with?

tighten clutch nut 54 ft. lbs. (75 Nm) new lock washer recommended..

tighten clutch spring bolts (holding pressure plate) to 5.8 ft. lbs. (8 Nm) tighten in stages using crisscross pattern.

clutch cover bolts to 7.2 ft. lbs. (10 Nm) new gasket recommended.

should be more than enough info..
You don't need to worry about the clutch nut...

Undo all 6 of #10 (It's a 10mm socket) in a criss cross pattern ( I prefer it coming out equal) pull all 6 # 9 and #10, pull off #6, take out parts #7, #8, #13, #14, and #12

Oil new clutch fibers (#8 and #12)

Install #12, #14, and #13, push them all the way back

Install #7 and #8, make sure they're pushed all the way to the back after you put in each one

Install #6 after all the fibers(#8) and plates (#7) are in

Put in the springs (#9) and then screws(#10), push in the screws and start them by hand, start tightening them in a criss cross pattern, after they're tight, torque them to 5.8lb/ft

Put gasket on clutch cover (Neither are pictured) and make sure both dowel pins are in either the cover or on the motor

Remeber where the bolts go and torque to 7.2lb/ft
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Sorry to dig up an old topic but i've been having problems with the clutch. Erratic behaviour, sometimes i have too much clutch slipping other times not enough, stalls with clutch in. I had noticed my lever shaft was all the way back touching the front sprocket guard. The push rod was installed with the narrow end in the shaft and wide end with channels in it against the ball. Is the correct as if i put the wide end in the shaft it sits nice and lever is in the correct position.
Be sure to check your clutch basket for grooves worn in the fingers where the disc ride against it. If not to bad remove the basket and file them smooth using a file large enough to span across the whole basket so you keep it flat or replace the basket.
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