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Need Mx Front End And Hood

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OK OK OK this came alot faster then what i expected but im selling my stock stuff and saved some money and im about ready to start shopping for front end and at the same time im looking for a hood please post pics/location and your best price please no garbage!!!!! im looking to get complete setup arms/shocks trods and what ever else would be included thanks alot Steve please no pms only reply to this thread
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Hey i have a set of walsh +3 arms and motowoz long travel shocks with covers for $1800 only 5 rides on the shocks last season and are being serviced right now so they will be fresh for whoever gets them.

what weight are they set up for and do you think you post more pics of your quad i cant really get an idea of how it sits by those pics if you could just take one from a higher angel and of the whole quad
i have a houser/elka LT front end forsale, PM me if your interested ill send pics of everything
I have 18.5" tcs w/ remote rez ,long travel shocks just serviced by my sponsor fresh oil and revalved for 140-160 lb rider ... $750 shipped OBO, then you can find new a-arms for about 700 , thats a pretty cheap setup in my opinion. PM me if u want them, they have normal rock chips but are still really nice.
i have houser lt slicast, and a set of legacy viper long travels i will sell cheap i have a set of elka 3rate and ohlins 2rate long travel shocks that i am willing to part with if your interested pm me.
Walsh LT +3 with PEP ARC baldwin edition piggyback. like new
i have a hood if u need one.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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