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ok fellas, this is non YFZ related but i figure ya'll can still help.

Im working on a friends 660 raptor, he bought it not running and was told the carbs just needed rebuilt/cleaned. the guy had a moose rebult kit and a dynojet stage 2 jet kit to do it... the mods done to it are a white bro's slip-on and an open air box w/ cone filter.

I pulled the carbs off and cleaned them up and reinstalled all new jets, and O-rings, and used the main jets that the jet kit recomended for his set up and elivation.

below are the instructions that came w/ the kit.

-install dynojet needles on groove #4 using all stock spacers
-used dynojet slide springs
-main jets== 144 in left carb, 146 in right carb
-turned fuel screws down to seat then backed out 3 turns.

now the quad fires up easily and idles great but when i hit the throttle, it bogs, pops and backfires out the exhaust.... i can take the motor up slowly to a point then it starts poping and backfiring..

i've unpluged the P-brake switch thinking that was the problem but it didnt change anything....

thanks in advance
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