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Need help please

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I have a 2007 yfz450
I just did a full rebuild, problem I'm having is it won't idle and to start it I have to press throttle just a little. Once started it runs fine but soon as I let off throttle it just stalls.
I've already tried adjusting throttle cable at both end as well as idle adjuster. No matter what I do it's still the same.
This is what's been done to it,
Ct racing national kit with 480 big bore, full port and polish on head bigger valves, web cams, full dasa exhaust, fuel customs intake and kn filter(lid off), dynatek cdi
Carb was complete tear down and rebuild.
Carb settings,
170 main jet
50 pilot
Fuel screw 2 1/2 turns
Qs3 1 3/4 turns
Needle ncvq 4th from top.
Tors bypassed

Any ideas on what to change or check?

Thanks in advance
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