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my R

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looks good. i really like the graphics
*drool*very nice...*drool*

Engine LRD 250 National kit
Radiator OEM radiator
Head Niks
Cylinder LRD/Niks 250 Powervalve
Porting LRD
Displacement 250cc
Compression 225lbs
Piston Pro-X
Piston mod LRD boost port and piston coating
ignition LRD Hi-Rev CDI
Reed cage/reeds Boyesen 02B reed cage
Carb 38 Air Stryker
jetting 52 pilot, DDJ-4th, 170 main
Air Filter K&N w/ prefilter
Pipe and Silencer LRD Chrome / LRD anodized
Fuel VP C-12
Oil/ratio Dumonde Tech 32:1/Klotz 40:1
Crank Stock, rebuilt
Rod Niks Long Rod

Clutch basket/plates and springs Hinson basket, Honda plates Barnett springs
Transmission oil Dumonde Tech
Chain/lube Maxima
Sprockets Sunstar
Gearing F/R 14/38

Frame 2000 Lone Star Outlaw MX
A-arms/width Laeger Pro-trax +3, +1 red powdercoat
Swingarm/length Lone Star DC-2 89 length custom reinforce RED
Axle/width/carrier LSR axcalibar +4/ Lonestar twin row
Steering stabilizer PEP
Spindles Laeger Pro-Trax
Front shocks Axis 19
Rear shocks Axis 11.5
Chain DID Gold X-Ring

Front tire ITP Holeshot MX 19x6x10
Rear tire ITP Holeshot MXR 18x10x8
Front wheel Douglas
Rear wheel Douglas beadlocks
Tire pressure F/R 21/8.5
Beadlocks F/R champion w reinforcing rings on inside
Hubs F/R Lone star Billet/Lone Star Billet

Calipers F/R Stock
Pads F/R Braking/Braking
Rotors F/R Braking
Brake lines F/R Fastline steel braided

Handlebars/bend Pro Taper CR-Hi Bend
Throttle Thumb
Clutch lever RTC
Cables OEM Honda
Grips Renthal
Kill switch Pro Design

Seat Stock 86 trimmed
Gas tank stock 89
Front bumper/grab bar AC / PRM
Nerf Bars AC
Skidplate PRM
Hood Quad Tech carbon fiber
Radiator Shrouds OMF
ATV Stand AC
Thump throttle cover LRD powdercoated
Seat Cover Quad Tech
Plastic OEM White Gloss
Graphics Kit Klotz Graphics kit red
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Wish I had the money to own somethin like that. :cry:

Great lookin bike youve got dude. :)
Well to be honest when I got done re-building it I couldnt afford it either...... That is why i am parting it out.
Isaac :cry:
does it not have a chain on it in that photo?
I didnt have the chain on it in that pic.
Holy h :eek: ll That is one bad bike! I want to do buy a R and build it up like that but I'd think I would rather have the yfz or a z. 2 strokes really aren't the fun where I ride at unless something smaller like a Blaster. There is alot of creek crossing's and rutted trails.
Looks brand spankin new :D . Sweet ride.
niiiice!!! you thinking of getting the yfz450 or sticking with the R? even better having both!
I am buying two YFZ's. I am waiting by the phone for the call from the dealer.
one of each color? must be nice! How do you like those new holeshot mxr's?
I am getting two whites. The dealer called today and keep promising maybe maybe maybe. I may just go to another dealer and end up with one for now. It sucks but I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. The holeshot MXR's are awesome but plan on going through them very very fast. You cant beat em though but tamers wear better.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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