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Mx Part Out

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Hey guys, I'm getting rid of my 04 and I'm going to try and find an 07 or 08. Heres what I have

-Rear Hipers 9" with Red Rings and Razr's 50% Tread , Normal wear - $250 shipped
-Gibson 4 point subframe, black, mounts to stock mounts - $325 shipped
-Streamline Slotted Rear Rotor 5 minutes of use $80 shipped
-Stainless Brake Lines - all 3 (rear is new) $80 shipped
-Tag Bumper - Black - $45 shipped
-Ac Grab Bar NEW $50 shipped
-Azonic Fat Bars w/ Clamps $75 shipped.
-Motoworks Carbon Fiber Slip On $225 shipped
-20x6 Holeshot SX 95% tread purchased from itp directly at Redbud $60 shipped
-LSR First gen dc-4 a-arms chrome, ball joints are new (one is ripped, & arms need new heims) $325 shipped
-Ported Head (for an 05) Valves were just shimmed $325 shipped
-Cylinder and matching high comp Piston $250 shipped
-Kickstart Kit - $150 shipped
-Honda Throttle $40 shipped
-TCS Long Travel 18.5" Shocks Just serviced 140lb a rider and fresh oil - $725 shipped
-Case Saver- $25 shipped
-Front Razr MX 75% Tread $50 shipped
-+1 Chrome LSR Stem SLIGHT bend, does NOT affect riding $125 shipped
-Denton Stabilizer Adjustable 5 settings $75 shipped
-Bottom End - pretty sure it needs a new shift star/drum .. goes 1,2,nuetral unless you have it pinned.
-Pro Design Killswitch Black $20 shipped
-Parking Brake Blockoff Polished - $8 shipped
-AC Pro Peg Nerf Bars, front mounts are broke off, I used u-bolts to hold them on, teeth on pegs are dull $100 shipped
-Quad Tech Hump Seat blue/black/silver, corners are kinda torn $175 shipped

Also have most stock stuff, just ask. Will trade my whole quad for a STOCK 06 and up, will even throw in cash. All parts are or best offer, dont be afraid to ask. Pics upon request just PM me.

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would you trade for your kick start?
I'll take the Denton Stabilizer, PM sent Thanks
Hey guys, this is actually my part out, I didnt realize I wasnt logged in.. so if you could PM me that would be great.
need pictures of hipers, front bumper, and kick start kit

QUOTE (davenportracing @ Mar 13 2009, 05:16 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=757554
would you trade for your kick start?[/b]
Nope, I need the money for an 08 yfz. sorry, and 11hollywood - its actually a 7 way adjustable stabilizer but please pm me instead of gfleck, thanks.

Here are some pics of the whole quad, I'm working on getting piece by piece pics.

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Let me know if you have that kick start still.
hey please call or txt me at 330-423-3010. ill buy that grab bar right now.thanks
still have any of the subframes? Gibson 4 point??
let me know the info and the price
im pretty sure everything is gone off jims quad...
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