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Msr Fuel Screw

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have an 04 with drd pipe, k&n filter, dont know my jets. what should i run my fuel mixture screw at? it has 1-4 on it what dose that mean 1 the highest or is 4. just need help with set up.
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The numbers are just for reference, so you can tell how many quarter turns you've made. The screw can be turned a few full revolutions both in and out. You should of checked how far it was out on the stock screw and used that as a starting point.
i dont rember if any ne has a stock to let me know thaat would be great
start around 2 turns out. so screw it in till it bottoms out, then back it out 2 full turns. worked for me. im not sure what mine is even at now, i just fine tune it as i go to whatever seems to work the best.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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