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Bought a brand new MSD Blaster Fi #4247 for 2013 Yfz450r. Installed and started up quad immediately got an engine code 39.

Code 39.-Injector (open circuit)
Symptom-Injector: open or short circuit
Probable Cause
Open/short circuit in wire harness
defective injector
malfunction in injector
malfunction in ECU
improperley installed injector
Unable to start
Unable to drive

Thing is I can start and quad runs just fine...unplug the Msd and hook back into stock ECU and code goes away. All the connectors look just fine and clean. Any idea what the issue is? Only thing I can think of is that the stock 34 pin has 3 dead end wires (shown in pics) whereas the MSD 34 pin all have wires....
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