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Looking for a motor to drop in to my quad must come with carb post pics/price location price shipped
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2300.00 I'll sell you mine Dasa port polish 43.25 boared carb with some other mods, yzf9 plate clutch, +5 web cams(there actually the new grind that replaced the +5) full wire harness with kill switch and 1 button start button, 13.1 cp race piston and had a valve job and new cylinder put on when i got the work done last season I'll even put my full hinson set up in there for 300 more ( basket, inner hub and plate)

put a new clutch, springs and plates in this winter

dan at dasa said it close to 60 hp (its pretty much the same build as the factory riders minus the piston compresion)

All said and done shipped to your door for 2600.00

pm me
wayyy out of my budget but thanks
I have a low hour 05 motor and carb I could do for $1300 plus shipping. It is bone stock with no cam mod.

Can get more pics if needed.
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i have a motor it has the gytr kick start 13:1 piston janssen porting the carb is bored i got 1st place in ice racing this year in one of my classes and beat some pros so that says something i will let it go for 1400 plus shipping
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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