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May 17th, Byron Illinois Mx!

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HLS amateur qualifier on may 17th. Best part about it is its on the Legacy track instead of that puny quad track the usually race on. So lets get a good turn out so we can continue to race on the legacy track instead of the smaller quad track. Post in here if you plan on coming!!!

motobyron.com for more info
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I will be there, I plan to race most of the races there this year.
I'll be there if the quad holds up until then. The big track is awesome!
Edit: quad didnt hold up - but i will be there on a new quad lol
bump - we need a big quad turnout, byron said we can have our own series on the big track next year if we get good turnouts for this race... byrons mx track is awesome and is definitly worth a drive if you've never been there, its decently long too.
I am thinking about going. Looks like a lot of fun. I raced my first race at byron on the hilltop track, didn't like that one so much. Definitely want to try out the bigger track. One of my friends might be going too, he has an ltr.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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