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Make Your Plastics Shine Like New

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Products Needed:

1. Nu Finish - Available at your local auto parts store
2. Clean Rags

The Product:

Old Plastics

Clean Rags

Wet the rag and put some Nu Finish product on it.

Let the product haze over. Once it has hazed, wipe clean. NOTE: There is no product on in the picture below.

The finished product on the left.

All finished!

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Looking good! I will be trying this trick out soon.
dang, I am subscribing..
I have used simple green and a good scrub brush but this seems like a lot less work..
also, I always use Pro-Prep before rides to reduce the amount of dirt collection on the bike in the first place.
OMG tons of useful content here. I was looking for something like this . My plastic need some polish.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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