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Machine Boggs. Help.

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Hey everyone heres my problem. I have a 2004 YFZ and it always bogs if I punch the throttle from its released possition to full. Ive tried a number of other bikes including raptors and DS which dont share the problem. When I'm riding if i have the throttle at say halfway, punching it is not an issue. But when I want to pop it up to catwalk from a standstill point its impossible. I thought it was my carb so I cleaned it and reset everything to spec. I dnt have any engine mods. What could this be? Hot Cams (dont know anything about them)? New to the site & Lookin for a diagnosis, hope the post is alright. Please ask me questions if it'll help. Thanks.
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YFZs are notorius for this. Go into the powertrain forum and search bog, leak jet, & zip tie mod. There is a ton on info in there. There are alot of variables, and different people have had success with different combinations of leak jets, etc. So searching powertrain and trial and error is going to be your best bet. Hope that helps and welcome to the site.
Welcome, this bog your saying about seems to be quite popular when it comes to yfz's. Check out the link below and you'll be reading about this infamous bog untill you want to break your computer lol. Do the zip-ty mod and if that doesn't help tune up thaaaat jetting.

Thanks, i guess im heading in a direction now. Umm where can i find out more about the ziptie mod?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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