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Lt A Arms And Shocks For Sale!

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Hey guys I from PA if you were wondering about shipping just seeing if anoyone was interested in my yfz front end im selling

+2 SMC blue long travel a arms and
LSR +2 Tie rods (will fit 2006-2007 model tie rod ends only!!) $400

Elka Long travel triple rate shocks with remote rezzys set up for 170-180lb rider $450

Custom Axis dual rate rear shock with remote rezzy for $400

I am willing to trade or pay for a PEP rear shock if anyone has one too!! lemme know if your interested and I will post up pics!!
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hey do you still have the elka shocks and would you take 400 shipped?
hey u still got shocks/arms? very interested, please send pics to [email protected]
Still have shocks?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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