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Little Sahara, Oklahoma

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Just seeing if anyone is going to be tearing up Little Sahara while I'm down there.
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lucky...No but i wish. i cant wait to go back
when you gettin there on the 18th. Me and a buddy are goin the 14th-18th, prolly be packed and on the road by afternoon though.

Keep an eye out for us though, blue YFZ w/quadtech hood and cuz fenders, and a white/red 250R...maybe even a yellow trailblazer taggin 'long.
We'll be there the 20th or the 21st (not sure which one yet) but forsure going.
Well, if for some reason we leave on Tuesday night, we'll be there Wednesday morning. Else well be there around 5pm Wednesday night. We will be packing up Sat afternoon or Sunday morning. I'll add a post when I know where we're camping for the week.

amstall, do you wanna save us a campsite?
Anybody else going??
You should come back down while I am there. :icon_biggrin: I'll be there with a few friends on March 25-29th. :icon_cool:
Well how about you just come down early Terse.
QUOTE (dudehaan @ Mar 13 2009, 11:24 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=757660
Well how about you just come down early Terse.[/b]

HaHa! I don't think my drag bike will be done till the 23-24th :icon_eek: :icon_biggrin:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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