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Lets See Those Tt And Flat Track Set Ups

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Thinking about getting into the tt racing scene. I would like to see all of the tt setups and tell what you have done so I can get an idea of what I need. Thanks
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Apparently nobody flat tracks or tt races, thanks anyhow. :icon_neutral:
id like to try it, but no one does it around GA, lot of mx and xc guys on here.
you have e mail i can send you pics and i race the 21 march i can get alot of pics of other riders ride
havn't raced any tt but i have raced flat track, sway bar, lowering your bike, some kind of race tire for that type of racing hoosier, american racer, duro's whatever type u want, i am still learning about this type of racing, just go to the track and ask some people and they probably have some extra parts they may sell you or let u borrow just to see if you like it.
Hey thanks guys. I have a set of duros on the back, but I have stock a arms and swingarm, just wondering if I would have to drop some big money on +2 a arms, or if I could just buy a lowering kit off of e-bay or something like that.
davenportracing, you have a pm. Where do you race? Do you race at Ava (OMAR), I actually live about 4 miles from there. Last year when they had the nationals, I could here them in my house. :icon_cool:
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Good lookin bike!
yeah probally nicest i had it that was last summer now it has white cut plastic and sum new PC
here is my 05. set up for 1/2 and 1/4 mile oval .

the day i got it home. no mods...
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i run nything for 4 to 9 depending on track surface and stuff
This helps me out alot. It looks like you have the lowering blocks in front, link in rear, sway bar, and hoosiers. Is that about it? Thanks alot guys, also the air pressure thing is something else I needed to know! Is that 4-9 psi in rear, but how much in front? Thanks
i plan on racing at ava this year some time but i race at versalles,mo toothandnailracing i run wheel spacers lowwering kit in the front and back cut fenders no air box lots more
Thats cool. I'll be there the 28th checking out the bikes to get some ideas. The last 450 I had I put an ESR air box eliminator kit on it, worked great. I am just afraid I am too old to get back into it. I used to race motocross and traveled with the monster truck circuit (Big Foot and other big name monster trucks, this was no joke!) on a four state circuit. There were 12 of us that raced at a track at Halltown that was invited to travel with the circuit and race at half time to give the trucks time to cool off. I took first place overall in 3 classes that year, it was awesome, but it will take me a little time to get back into the groove i'm afraid LOL!!!
Flat Trackin looks fun! n the set ups look sick!
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