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Leave Our UTVs Alone

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Using faulty data by any measure, a government agency has voted to propose a mandatory rule to regulate UTVs with design standards that could effectively neuter their performance in the name of safety.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's actions read like UTVs are wildly unsafe and all of us are lucky to survive each time we turn the key and press down on the go pedal. This notion, however, is undone by its own data.

Throughout the CPSC's report, it notes how many people were injured or killed and how it happened. It all sounds terrible, until you look at the numbers. Those numbers show that almost 98% of people killed were not wearing a helmet, 38% of drivers involved in UTV accidents were drinking alcohol and only 27% we wearing a seatbelt. And they want to blame the vehicles? Read about how you can stop this government action before it gets off the ground.

More: Leave Our UTVs Alone on ATV.com
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Guns don't kill people...
Your tax dollars at work! I saw a shirt with a picture of the whitehouse on it with a caption below that reads "never underestimate stupid people in large numbers" Or something like that. I want that shirt.
I bet everyone of those bastards drives a prius
Not a utv fan....
But I'm a government fan even less....
Direct Link Below- The last thing anyone wants in the offload community is more restrictions...

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