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Kick Start

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I'm considering a kick start, and i was wondering how hard it was to kick it over on a stock motor. I also hear that the cam mod makes it easier (and i HAVE done the cam mod) I'm a little guy (5' 6'' and 120) so this is obviously a concern. thanks!
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how easy is pie? have you kicked over a honda 450R? i had trouble with that, but the forward kick was a little weird, and YFZ kickers are backward kick right?
im 6ft 160, no problem here, I can kick it over in 2-3 kicks almost everytime. Only thing that has made me decide not to take my e-start off just yet is this, when you flood it out or sometimes when its hot, it is a w00ter to crank.

It causes lost of cuss words to come out of my mouth. lol
Yes, until now mine was stock with a kicker. I could have it running in under 3 kicks every time.
I hate kicking over hondas, the lever always slips and hits me right in the freakin shin. Not a cool feeling at all

Yes the yfz is backward kick. so if it slips then it hits you in some muscle and doesnt hurt lol.
okay, now i just gotta get a summer job to pay for it, lol. that could be hard.
I have to like kind of smash mine back a little before I can kick it, like somekind of mule kick to get it in position. I'm pretty light to, so that might have something to do with it..either that or I put something in wrong.
If I were you I'd leave my E Start on and if you do decide to get a kick start kit its going to cost an arm and leg and they are hard to start when hot especially when you have to kick your freaking leg off trying to get it started. If you feel like doing that be my guest lol. If I had one I'd keep my E Start on for a back up or vice versa
I'm 5'10" 150lbs and mine starts first kick, stalled it on track and only takes 5 kicks. It has a 14:1 piston. Very Easy!
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I'm 5'10" 150lbs and mine starts first kick, stalled it on track and only takes 5 kicks. It has a 14:1 piston. Very Easy![/b]
W T F?? I seriously have to mule kick this thing back sometimes just to get it in position where I can kick down! Did I install something wrong or do these work different for different quads?'

I did keep my e-start to, the kicker was just for backup
I have kicker on mine, well now i do, haven't even tried kicking it yet, still in assembly stages, like a full overhaul of the whole bike, lol, But i'm 5'11", and weigh 150 max soaking wet. i am not scared to try and kick it over, and i shattered my right femur in september...But i took out the starter and all gears so i don't have e-start, saves like 20 lbs.
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