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Just Stuff Trying To Get Rid Of.

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Hey guys im going through some stuff and thought i would try go get rid of things before i took them to scrap.

all of this make me an offer plus what ever shipping will be.

Ok here goes,

Trail Tech Endurance used i took it off to put the Vapor one on my old raptor so if some one wants or needs this one make me an offer.
Stock 2005 Raptor 660 full exhaust
Stock Radiator cover for raptor 660
stock raptor 660 bumper
stock raptor 660 plastic skid plate
stock bars with grips, not sure what the bend is or taper

ok now the yfz 450 parts

2007 yfz 450 full exhaust
stock yfz 450 front bumper

Gunnar kill switch normally closed for raptor or yfz 450 any years new never installed just takin out of the package

Thanks guys

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Interested in the kill switch... Is it normally open or closed and what are you asking shipped to 47433.... Will you pm me with the info plz.

Hi, do you have the proper mount for the vapour? Or is it just the standard plastic one?
pics of the endurance to [email protected] plz? and it comes with all the wires?
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