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2006 Yamaha YFZ450 by Sidewinder

Exhaust: Nmotion 12" Titanium
Intake: Fuel Customs Intake without Air Box
Piston: Yamaha WR 12.3:1
Crank: Hot Rods WR
Gearing: Sunstar Front and Rear Sprockets
Chain: RK O-ring
Harness: Gutted

Front Arms: Herrmann +2 Standard Travel
Tierods: Herrmann
Handlebars: Fasstco Flexx 14° Moto
Handlebar Clamp: Tag Metals T2 Clamp
Axle: RPM Dominator II
Carrier: Lonestar Racing Cast Aluminum
Footpegs: Blingstar Notorious PEG
Nerfs: Blingstar Notorious PEG
Bumper: Pro Armor MX Front Bumper
Skidplate: Fourwerx Carbon Fiber
Rims: ITP T-9's
Frame: Powder Coated Flat Black

Tires: ITP Sandstars
Rotors: Yamaha 2007 YFZ Rear Rotor
Brake Pads: EBC Carbon "X" Pads
Grips: Renthal

Seat Cover: GYTR
Hand Guards: Powermadd
Graphics: Custom Quad Hub "Fallen Angel"

Other: GYTR Kickstart with '98 YZ Lever
Other: J&T Performance Oil Mod
Other: Pro Armor Parking Brake Block-Off
Other: Cam-Mod

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