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are these jets any good or are the sizes off?
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Yes, those are the good Keihin jets and numbers you'll most likely use along the road sometime depending on mods...

All you need after that is a NCVQ needle.
i already have a ncvp needle do you think it is too big
I you're asking about the needle being too big, NO, it's one of the better needles to use too tune your jetting with.

The jets, YES, they are bigger then what you'll find in your carb off the showroom floor, which are on the lean side. But Just by taking the baffle out of the OEM exhaust and removing your air box lid though you'll probably need the 162 or 165 main and the 45 pilot...depending on elevation and weather conditions...
i have a 2006 yfz450 with 97mm bore kit, 13:5 cp piston, cam mod, air lid off, K&N filter, stock exhaust with baffle out (for now), 100oct and my elevation is around 400ft and and about 65 degrees
Yes, I would say that this kit will come in handy for your set-up so far, especially one you throw in an aftermarket exhaust.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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